Dr. James Nagatani

Talks about his parents origins in Japan, their immigration to the United States and settling in Delano and Ducor.  He talks about his family being interned, first at the Fresno Assembly Center and then later the Jerome War Relocation Center.  He discusses how his father was able to keep their farm by leasing it out to a neighbor, his siblings and their careers, his early education, attending Japanese school in Delano and church in Ducor before the war.  He talks about attending dental college, getting drafted and serving in the Army Air Force.  He discusses getting married and moving to Detroit, returning to Delano and practicing dentistry for fifty years before retiring and relocating to San Diego.  He discusses his children, losing his younger son to cancer, and his grandchildren.  He reminisces about how he heard about the Pearl Harbor attack while he was at the University of California Dental School and talks about the loyalty questionnaire and his being fortunate in getting to leave the camp early to continue dental school.  He discusses getting involved with the JACL in Delano, serving on the city council and participating in the Lions Club.  He talks about the contributions of Nisei Americans and the importance of education for the next generation.

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