Frank Suzuki

Talks about being born in San Francisco, growing up in Cressey working on his family’s farm with his sisters.  He discusses the evacuation and being sent to the Granada War Relocation Center before attending the University of Wyoming briefly before returning to farming as a sharecropper in Colorado.  He talks about attending Japanese school and learning Kendo growing up, and how he was a less than model student and constantly getting in trouble.  He talks about facing discrimination in school and getting in fights with other students.  He also talks about he and his father’s shared love of football and how his parents met in Japan and immigrated to the U.S.

He relates how he heard about the Pearl Harbor attack while attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and how his family’s bank accounts were frozen following the attack and his father was arrested.  He talks about how he managed to keep their farm by hiring someone to take care of it while they were evacuated, and the experience of packing all of their belongings and reporting to the Merced Assembly Center.  He discusses the loyalty questionnaire, farming during and after the war and his experience with racism once he returned home.

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