Fred and Setsu Hirasuna

Fred Hirasuna talks about how his father and mother immigrated to the United States, moved around a lot before settling in Lodi.  He talks about how his father owned a bike shop as well as farmed in Lodi before moving to Fowler in 1922 and buying an automotive repair shop.  He talks about graduating from Fowler High School, attending Fresno State briefly before moving to Los Angeles and working in trucking and farming before finishing his degree in 1932, but being unable to find work in his field.  He discusses getting work as an accountant and meeting and marrying Setsu before getting into the chick sexing business with his brother-in-law.

Fred relates the story of how they were able to avoid going to camp by voluntarily relocating to Minnesota and the journey there.  He also relates how his parents asked to be taken to a camp, due to not having any of their peers around, so he arranged to take them to the Jerome War Relocation Center in Arkansas.  He talks about coming back to Fresno after the war and starting a packing company.  They both talk about Fred’s involvement with the Fresno JACL and their membership in other agriculture and business organizations.  Lastly, he discusses the changes in agriculture post-war.

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