Gene Hamaguchi

Talks about growing up in Livingston on the Yamato Colony in a large family, working on his family’s farm, talks about discrimination before the war, attending Japanese School, church and other social activities in the Japanese American community in Livingston.  He talks about his early education, learning both Japanese and English, his service and injuries during the war and meeting his wife.

He talks about how all of his brothers and he served in the Army, how he was sent to the Gila River War Relocation Center.  He then discusses his service, how he was in the 442nd regiment, and how he was wounded in Italy.  He discusses how he and his brothers divided their ranch when the war ended and how they faced discrimination after the war and how he ended up selling the farm when his kids chose other professions.  He also talks about redress and reparations and the impact on the Japanese American community of the evacuation and incarceration.

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