George Kiyomoto, Part 1

Talks about how he was born and raised in Reedley, his siblings, and the death of his mother while still a young child.  He talks about going to Japan with his father to take his mother’s ashes back to her homeland when he was six years old and staying for nearly a year before returning to the United States, leaving his youngest brother in Japan.  He discusses doing farm work and attending Reedley High School, his father getting remarried and gaining stepsisters.  He talks about working as a machinist and in chick sexing before and during the war.  He discusses how Reedley residents weren’t forced to report to the assembly centers, but did get sent to Poston War Relocation Center eventually, though he didn’t have to report there due to already working in the Mid-West at the time.  He talks about the difficulties of traveling for his chick sexing work during the war and facing discrimination and suspicion and later relates about joining the army during the war and serving in the Counter Intelligence Corps.  He also discusses meeting and marrying his wife, his children’s’ education and careers.

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