George Okada

Talks about his parents immigrating from Japan and eventually settling in Fresno County, his siblings, attending Parlier Grammar School and Parlier High School and doing farm labor.  He discusses how Japanese cultural values were instilled in him as a child, and his decision not to attend college.  He talks about Pearl Harbor and the aftermath and evacuation.  He discusses being sent to the Gila River War Relocation Center and refusing to answer the loyalty questionnaire after being refused entry into the Army.  He talks about being sent to Tule Lake as a result of this, working at the camp newspaper and getting fired over printing a controversial article.  He discusses later being sent to the Fort Lincoln Internment Camp in Bismark, North Dakota with other “renunciants” and participating in a class action law suit against the renunciation and later winning in court.  He talks about getting married post-war and buying a farm, having children, enjoying travel and gives advice for Sansei and Yonsei generations.View transcript and metadata.