Helen Smades, 1992 Leon S. Peters Award Winner

Talks about moving to Fresno in 1945 during the war and living with her sister, Dorothy, getting a job as a legal secretary.  She discusses getting married and having a child and her decision to return to work and becoming a realtor and real estate broker.  She talks about starting her own firm, initially working out of her house before renting an office and breaking down barriers for women in the real estate business.

She discusses how she became involved in giving back to the community, how her parents inspired her by participating in community organizations, and how she became involved with the Cancer Society, became the first female president of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and served on the California Chamber Board and Blue Shield of California Board.  She talks about her friendship with Leon and Alice Peters, what it meant to her to receive the Leon S. Peters Distinguished Service Award, gives advice to future generations starting out in business and philanthropy and discusses the future of Fresno.

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