Hiroshi Kusakai

Talks about his parents immigrating to California from Japan, having two sisters in Japan and discusses his family’s incarceration in the Fresno Assembly Center and later the Jerome War Relocation Center.  He talks about his father’s death during the war, his father’s participation in Japanese organizations and running a laundry business in Fresno before the war.  He discusses his early education at Lincoln Elementary, learning English, attending Fresno High School, Fresno State and having to suspend his education due to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the evacuation.  He describes how he was drafted during the war and was sent by the Army to language school and later Japan and Korea.  He talks about his experiences in Japan town and reminiscences about it growing up.  He discusses attending college post-war, the impact of incarceration and changing careers.  Lastly, he talks about his involvement in the JACL and his children and grandchildren.

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