Hugo Kaji

Talks about his family life and growing up in Livingston, California, farming, where his father and mother came from in Japan and their immigration to the United States.  He discusses attending elementary and high school, briefly attending Japanese school and playing baseball and tennis in high school.  He discusses the evacuation, finding someone to manage the family farm, being sent to the Merced Assembly Center and Granada War Relocation Center, his father dying during the evacuation and the events surrounding his father’s funeral.  He talks about working in Amache driving a truck and hauling coal, harvesting sugar beets, going to work in Chicago and going to school in New York.  He discusses being drafted and getting married, serving as a mechanic in Germany at the end of the war, returning to the farm and then moving to Chicago and then returning again to Livingston when his brother was drafted.  He discusses farming and trucking after the war and havingchildren and grandchildren.

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