Izumi Taniguchi, part 1

Talks about growing up and farming in Brentwood, California, attending grammar school, the impact of the Great Depression and his father being labeled a “subversive” by the FBI after Pearl Harbor and arrested.  He discusses Executive Order 9066, dropping out of school to help his family prepare for evacuation, his father’s arrest and being sent to the Silver Avenue Detention Center in San Francisco, and then his family being sent to the Turlock Assembly Center and Gila River War Relocation Center.  He recalls playing basketball and baseball in the camp, and his family deciding to join his father at the Crystal City Internment Camp.  He discusses the loyalty questionnaire and ironically being treated better in a camp for enemy aliens than one for U.S. citizens.  He talks about how his brother was eventually able to get him out of the Crystal City camp and attending college in Detroit.  He discusses his parents being released from camp after the war, and his father scouting out possible farms in the Rio Grande Valley.  He talks about deciding to join the army after the war to get the GI Bill to pay for college, helping his parents move to Texas and being sent to Japan as an interpreter.  He discusses attending the University of Houston and changing his focus from engineering to economics and earning a masters degree and then later his Ph.D.  He discusses getting married in 1960, and moving to Fresno and teaching at Fresno State.  He discusses traveling to Japan on sabbatical in 1975 with his father and getting to meet the Crown Prince.  He discusses the death of his parents and becoming involved in the JACL, including his stance on the UFW and becoming the Vice-President of National JACL.  He talks about the campaign for redress, his academic career and serving on the Fresno grand jury.

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