Pete Peters, 2011 Leon S. Peters Award Winner

He talks about how his father came to America and Americanized his name from Bedrosian to Peters, later came to Fresno and got married.  He discusses how his father rented a farm in Lone Star and grew grapes for raisins and how he was the youngest child of five.  He talks about his mother passing away when he was eight years old and being raised mostly by his father and sister, Melba.

He discusses how Leon saved enough money to buy Valley Foundry and going to work for him.  He talks about how the business evolved from manufacturing pumps to winery tanks and eventually selling the business to Ametek.  He also discusses serving in the army during World War II in Burma and India.  He talks about how he and Leon became involved in the community, especially with Community Hospital and Rotary and their ethics in regards to giving back to the community.

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