Sadawo Yonaki

Sadawo Yonaki’s father was from Okinawa and immigrated to Mexico to work in coal mines, then moved on to the U.S. in 1905.  He went back to Japan and returned with his new wife in 1914.  Sadawo is the second of five children, born in Baldwin Park, California in 1917.  They lived in Earlimart and he was a member of a judo club in Delano.  He and his mother sent to the Fresno Assembly Center and then to Rohwer War Relocation Center.  His father was sent to Camp Lordsburg in New Mexico, then to Rohwer.   Sadawo met his wife in the Fresno Assembly Center and they were married in Rohwer in 1944.  He expresses his thoughts on the issue of redress.

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