Tadashi Kanemoto

Discusses being born in Livingston, Montana, and being sent to Japan to live with his grandparents at age five for a Kibei education.  He returned to the United States at age 18 and worked in the vineyards in Sanger, California.  He speaks of the difficulty of transitioning back-and-forth between Japanese and English speaking environments.  Talks about being drafted into the U.S. Army in February, 1941.  He was stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington when war broke out between Japan and the U.S.  Recounts how his fellow soldiers stepped in to defend him from racial prejudice, treating him no differently than anyone else.  After becoming an x-ray technician in Fort Bliss, Texas, he had further training in Oklahoma and Camp Berkeley, Texas, before hipping out to Cannes, France to help set up the 180th General Hospital following the Utah Beach invasion.  He imparts his experience taking over a Luftwaffe hospital in Frankfurt, Germany following the defeat of Germany.  Following the war, he talks about how he married his fiance, whom he had met before the war and had been in the Poston Relocation Center.  He talks about their raising a family in Parlier, California, and being active in the Parlier Buddhist Church and Japanese American Citizens League.  Also discusses a vacation to Beijing, China in 1983.

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