Toshiye Hirose

Recounts growing up in Spreckels and Salinas, as the oldest of eight children.  Discusses going from the Salinas Assembly Center to the Poston Relocation Center, and the conditions in Poston when she arrived.  After her release from the camp she relocated to Philadelphia.  When her father and mother were released they ended up with a Quaker family in Riverton, New Jersey, and eventually settled in Princeton.  She talks about marrying her husband, George, whom she had met ten years earlier in San Anselmo, California.  After their marriage, she describes moving back to California, then to Utah, Montana and Idaho over the next forty years.  They retired in San Francisco.  Recalls having four children and learning Japanese from her mother.  Gives her opinion on reparations, and relates the importance of religion to the Shimomura family.

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