Yutaka Yamamoto

Yutaka Yamamoto talks about his grandparents immigrating to the United States from Hiroshima, Japan, how his grandfather was a carpenter who fixed the doors of Fresno’s Chinatown’s gambling dens after police raids, Alien Land Laws and how they affected his father being able to buy a farm, the family’s laundry business, the Pearl Harbor attack, Executive Order 9066 and the evacuations, being incarcerated in the Fresno Assembly Center and later the Jerome War Relocation Center, how members of the Japanese American community were interrogated by the FBI, the loyalty questionnaire and the conflict it sparked within the Japanese American community, being sent to the Tule Lake Segregation Center. He talks about visiting Japan after the war and joining the Navy during the Korean War, meeting his wife in Japan and losing her later to cancer due to the Hiroshima bombing, experiencing racism in Fresno after the war, his children and the pilgrimage some incarcerees take to the Tule Lake camp site.

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